SILICOplast is well formulated factory made ready to use Polymerized Drymix Plaster which can be used for External Plastering, Internal Plastering, Ceiling Plastering and as a part of Water Proofing activity.

SILICOplast can be effectively and efficiently used for plastering on Red Clay Bricks, Fly Ash Bricks, Concrete Blocks, AAC Light weight Blocks and other types of Light weight Blocks. It is a cement-based and water-resistant plaster which is ready to use by just adding required quantity of water at site. It is predominantly manufactured for replacement of traditional/conventional site-mixed plaster made of cement and sand, gypsum plaster, stucco plaster or any other premixed/ready-mixed plaster offered in the country. Surface plastered with SILICOplast gives strong even finish on which tiling, painting or Marble/Granite fixing can be done with speed and efficiency.

SILICOplast is manufactured by M/s Precise Conchem Pvt. Ltd., at their plant located at GIDC Panoli, Bharuch District of Gujarat in an automated process according to formulations based on various products studies and research undertaken. The plant is one of the most modern Plants in India, in which all the critical manufacturing processes and operations are completely controlled by P.L.C SYSTEMS (Programmed Logic Controller). The plant has the capacity to produce 25,000 bags @ 40 kg per bag of Polymerized Drymix Mortar/Plaster per day. This plant can be remotely monitored through CCTV cameras installed within the plant area. The company assures, seamless supply of 100% consistent high quality mortars and plasters at all point of times, round the year.

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  • SILICOplast Polymerized Drymix Plaster offers high quality strong and durable plastered surface which enhances the durability of structures on which it is applied.
  • It is easier to use by just adding required quantity of water, at site.
  • All the ingredients are properly and uniformly blended in SILICOplast compared to the traditional site mix plaster. SILICOplast is free from impurities like Silt, Clay, etc. It provides a well compacted homogenous mix of plaster, due to proper gradation and proportioning of river sand in the automated process.
  • Usage of SILICOplast makes material reconciliation easier for construction projects as against the usage of traditional site mix plaster with sand and cement mixture.
  • SILICOplast reduces wastage, shrinkage, leakage and cracks formation to very great extend because of Performance Enhancing Proprietary Additives, Classified & Processed Fly Ash and Modified Polypropylene Fibers are added to it.
  • Use of SILICOplast ensures substantial saving of time and labor costs in all construction projects.

SILICOplast is the result of extensive product development through in-house R&D department and tie-ups with various structural consultants. This product has proportionate quantities of Ordinary Portland Cement, Classified & Processed Fly Ash, Purified, Graded and Proportioned River Sand, Hydrated Lime, Performance Enhancing Proprietary Additives, Modified Polypropylene Fibers for achieving better strength & durability as well as other critical functional parameters.

Proper Gradation and Proportioning of sand is done for achieving better product quality in terms of Compactness, Impermeability, Strength and Durability. Stringent Quality Control Procedures are followed in every batch. The company has well-equipped in-house laboratory, where various tests like Compressive Strength Test, Sieve-Analysis Test Water: Cement Ratio Test, etc. are carried out with samples from final product taken from every 2000 bags.


Foreign materials/particles, that may affect adhesion, must be removed. For RCC surface, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned by wire brush so that mould oil, grease, dust, dirt etc. are completely removed. Then the surface should be cleaned/washed with water. A suitable bonding coat is to be applied followed by a layer of chaat (key) coat made up of SILICOplast, for proper adhesion to Concrete. It is important to use Chicken mesh/PRM (Plaster Reinforcement Mesh), at the junction of concrete surfaces and masonry walls. This Chicken mesh should be fixed in such a way that 50% of its width covers the concrete surface and balance 50% of its width covers the masonry wall and the junction is exactly at the centre of the chicken mesh. The initial Plastered Coat should be such that the Chicken mesh/PRM is completely embedded in the plaster.

For surface/substrate made of brick/block masonry walls, the surface should be well saturated/wet with fresh water, prior to application of plaster. All the masonry joints should be properly filled and racked. The substrate on which the SILICOplast is to be applied should be in touch dry condition.


Add 40 kgs of SILICOplast Polymerised Dry Mix Plaster (Powder) to 6.50 litres to 7.00 litres of potable water for one full bag of 40 kg. For ease of mixing, gradually add full quantity of SILICOplast in stages, mixing the powder uniformly with the water.

Mixing manually by hand or in machine should continue until a smooth, lump free & homogenous consistency mixture of SILICOplast is reached. For proper hydration/activation of the dry polymers in SILICOplast, leave the mixture standing for 2 minutes to 3 minutes post mixing. The mixture is ready for use/application. Do not add extra water in the mixture than prescribed above as addition of extra water will lead to loss of strength and create pores.

SILICOplast should be applied within 60 minutes to 90 minutes of its preparation. Ensure that the thickness of single coat/layer does not exceed 13 mm to 15 mm per day. For thicknesses of more than 15 mm, combing of the previous layer of SILICOplast is essential for better bonding of next layer of SILICOplast.

If the substrate is a low-absorption and smooth surface like concrete, a suitable bonding coat is to be applied followed by a layer of chaat (key) coat made up of SILICOplast for proper adhesion to Concrete.

Do not expose SILICOplast bags to direct sunlight, rain/moisture and open air while in storage or at site.

After 16 to 18 hours of natural air curing, of the surface plastered with SILICOplast, the finished plastered surface should be water cured for minimum of 6 days to 7 days by regularly mist spraying with water 3 times to 4 times a day.After 16 to 18 hours of natural air curing, of the surface plastered with SILICOplast, the finished plastered surface should be water cured for minimum of 6 days to 7 days by regularly mist spraying with water 3 times to 4 times a day.
3 Months, if kept in cool, dry condition in unopened original packing.
We provide On-site Technical support, wherever required. In order to ensure On-Time Delivery, we have our own transport as well.

The Products supplied by the Company are warranted to comply with the Product Specifications mentioned in the Product Brochure, provided they are applied and used in conformance with the processes and procedures described in the Brochure and as per the Standard Civil Engineering Practices.

In the unlikely event that the Products are found to be not in compliance with the mentioned specifications, the Company undertakes to replace the Products that are specifically determined to be non-compliant. Any suspected defects or non-compliance of the Products must be reported to the Company in writing within 72 hours of being detected or within 45 days of the supply of the Products, whichever is earlier. The Company shall have the right to inspect the area where the suspected defects are detected and in case any such suspected defect is determined to be caused specifically due to a deficiency in the Products supplied by the Company, the Company undertakes to provide replacement only for the specific area where the defective Product was applied, and not for the whole room, floor, building, or project where the Company’s Products may have been used.

Since the Company does not have control over the installation or application or end use of the Products, the Warranty shall not cover any defects that may be caused due to defective or faulty or unskilled workmanship, application, curing, or treatment of the Company’s Products. The Warranty is limited only to replacement of the Products in question and does not cover any incidental and consequential costs or damages including, but not limited to, the costs of removal and reapplication of the Products, delays, loss of profits, or any other liabilities that the purchaser may incur towards any third parties.

The above Warranty is the complete set of Warranties offered by the Company on its Products and overrides any other Warranties that may be implied or expressed in any other Product Literature or that may erroneously be inferred by the purchaser through interactions with the Company’s representatives or with any consultants, architects, etc.

The Company may, in the interests of customer service, relax the above Terms of Warranty. Any such relaxation shall be at the sole discretion of the Company and shall not be taken to be a precedent for the future. Such relaxation can only be authorized in writing by the CEO / Directors of the Company and no Company representative shall have any rights to relax the Terms of the Warranty without explicit authorization in writing from the CEO / Directors.


All recommendations, suggestions, statements and technical data provided in this Leaflet are based on the best current knowledge available and are given for illustrative and informative purposes only and the Company does not bear without any responsibility for any loss or damages that may be caused by the use / misuse of such data.

It is assumed that all Standard Civil Engineering Practices shall be adopted for the use and application of the Company’s Products and all information provided in this Leaflet is based on the above assumption. The Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damages that may be caused by a deviation from the Standard Civil Engineering Practices or by any use or application of the Company’s products not in consonance with the information provided in this Leaflet.

The Company supplies products as per the Specifications provided in this Leaflet, and all the information in this Leaflet is for general guidance of the purchasers only. It is not possible, in this Leaflet, to provide information with respect to all potential uses and applications of the Company’s Products and for the various site conditions where the Products may be used.

Therefore, the Company makes no claims herein as to the particular suitability or fitness of the Products for specific applications or purposes. The Company may be contacted directly, if any additional information is required for any specific use or application of its Products, prior to the purchase and use of the Company’s Products by the purchaser.

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