SILICO Crete is a single component polymerised cement based mortar formulated for restoration/repairing of all types of RCC members like Beam, Column, Slabs etc. It is non-pourable high strength dual shrinkage compensated repair mortar with fibre reinforcement specially formulated for repairs and restoration of damaged or weakened structural concrete members.

It is specially designed to be used in those places where shuttering cannot be done. SILICO Crete is manufactured by select ingredients, controlled proportioning of performance enhancing admixtures together with best possible blending. The performance enhancing additives along with fibres provide controlled expansion characteristics in the plastic as well as hardened state, reducing crack formation and minimize water demand.

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  • Single component - Mix is ready by just addition of water (“Just Add Water” System).
  • Fibre Reinforced for additional toughness, ductility and tight crack control.
  • Dual Shrinkage Compensated to reduce the risk of cracking.
  • Eliminates manual batching, weighing, proportioning and dosing of cement, sand and liquid polymer on site.
  • Economical pre-packaged repair mortar offers more consistent proportioning and performance than site-mixed mortars. The resultant is a high-strength repair compound offering exceptional workability, durability and productivity.
  • Supplied in premixed, preweighed, prepacked condition.
  • Can be applied by hand like conventional polymer mortars or trowel-applied.


Grey Free Flowing Powder

Type of Sand

Precisely graded Gujarat River Sand

Sand Gradation

0 mm - 3 mm

Wet Density

2200 kg/m3 - 2300 kg/m3

Compressive Strength

28 days: 40MPa

Grades Available

40MPa, 60MPa and 100MPa in 28 days

Shrinkage Compensated

Dual Shrinkage Compensated

Water Powder Ratio

0.16 - 0.18


Cohesive, Pasty Consistency for ease of hand application (At Specified W:P ratio mixed in high shear mixer)

Pot Life

20 mins - 30 mins (depending on weather conditions)

Shelf Life

3 months from the date of manufacturing, if stored in proper sealed bag away from moisture


25 Kg per bag

Apply the mixed SILICO Crete to the prepared surface with a gloved hand or trowel. Thoroughly compact the mortar on the “tacky” bonding coat ensuring no air pockets remain. The working time (pot life) of SILICO Crete is about 30 minutes at +30oC. If several layers are to be applied, the first/previous coat must be scratched/keyed and must be sufficiently set hardened before application of the bonding coat and subsequent SILICO Crete coat.
Avoid rapid drying, but dry cure. When working under hot dry or windy conditions, surfaces may require misting or plastic film protection to avoid rapid drying. This is particularly important when large or deep patches are exposed to direct sun. Alternatively, curing compound can be used over freshly applied surface of SILICO Crete.

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